This month on TOPSCAPE 25 Our Project for SICIS ART FACTORY!

ABSTRACT “The project seeks to meet functional needs of the industrial area and tries to imagine a space that introduces the outside visitor to the world of mosaic made of awe and wonder. The design is characterized by the presence of a straight walkway and the pace of wavy green areas. These waves are nished with artistic mosaics that turn the area into a parterre containing owers,natural and mosaic trees. The parterre became in this way a space in movement. On the side of the central path, characterized by the design of mosaic, were placed stop areas for a few cars. Whole park maintains a texture of drawing and the game of the waves allows to visually hide the presence of the trucks. The linear path leads the eye of the viewer to the entrance of the administrative area. The role of the lawn is to mitigate the eect of asphalt and cement elements and to obtain depressions wich act also as water-lamination areas, in case of heavy rains.”