Our project SICIS ART FACTORY in Ravenna has been shortlisted within the review Brand & Landscape, promoted by CNAPP, along with PAYSAGE, in collaboration with the Triennale di Milano.
On 01.07.2016 we will be in Milan to present the work.

PRESS RELEASE “The topic BRAND & LANDSCAPE aims to proactively reflect on the role of landscape as a tool for improvement of a company; both with regard to the working conditions of employees, and to establish new relationships with nature. The proposed calendar of events provides an opportunity for deepening the reconfiguration of outdoor spaces for productive buildings through a real project the green where vegetation and landscape elements become an added value, which extends and strengthens those of medium characteristics, but which it has also assumed to trigger new relationships with the environment: a global branding project brand image declined in landscaping. In this context CNAPPC promotes, along with PAYSAGE – Promotion and Development for Landscape Architecture, a selection of the best projects and the most innovative achievements in the field of landscape, industry, architecture and urban regeneration, in collaboration with the Triennale of Milan.”

Program and timetable